Barking Up The Wrong Tree

CIPA -- insensitivity to pain, people need to check their body everyday for the bruises

Glenn Gould

Israel Defense Force hires autists to check the satellite images

Loebner prize: Turing test award for best human looking like human. His responses were obnoxious and moody.

2 Dr. Death

Moldova -- place were people stop trusting each other

Wesley Autrey got Bronze Medallion, highest NYC civilian award for saving a man who fell on the subway. Also Beyonce concert, new Jeep, Ellen show

Trust is positively correlated with happiness. Giving increases happiness

Robert Axelrod's Prisoners Dilemma challenge. The winning algorithm is TFT "tit for tat". Cooperate until other algorithm cooperated. Even better with forgiveness

Grit comes from stories

Navy SEAL exam passage went up 10% after they've taught people to talk to themselves positively.

In Auschwitz in 1944 it was possible to predict suicides by looking at the ones who smoked cigarettes as it was currency. People who survived had meaning in their life: returning to someone or to an unfinished work.

To write your story, think about death

"We are what we are pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be." Vonnegut

Turning life and work into a game. "How can I make your life easier?"

Jane McGonigal: WNGF. Winnable, Novel, Goals, Feedback


Viagra started as an angina treatment

page 119 -- write a story

Only Einstein's impact is compared to Newton. Newton never married, many suspect he died a virgin.



Michae Sandel course on moral justice

IDT and Gene-Copoeia sell kits starting from 85 usd

Decoding Watson documentary by PBS, American Masters. 2018?. "If you're really stupid, I would call it a disease". He is banned from Cold Spring Harbor. "People say it would be terrible if we made all girls pretty. I think it would be great". Lives downhill from the lab.

The difference in IQ tests between blacks and whites is there, but from environmental differences, not genetic.

Watson, 90, drives himself home from the airport because the lab did not send the car. He veered off road and went into hospitalisation.

What if you ban top 10% to use CRISPR?

p. 395 Watson's art

Doudna and Watson "sad visit"

Radar won the World War II, how english scientists took it to US and MIT was failing the tests because Harvard was working on the jamming technology

Research says we like compliments more than sex and moneyw

Money definitely buys happiness when we spend it on the people we love

8 million calls between 2 million people, Notre Dame

The workers least likely to develop workplace friendships were also the least likely to get promoted (p. 148)

Flow concept creator did a study of 91 most creative people in the world - all had mentors by the time they were college age.

Americans using inflatable tanks to deceive germans.

Emperor Norton

"I wish I'd had the courage to live a life true to myself, nor the life others expected of me."

Einstein relationship contract p 214 affairs with younger women son of Einstein attempted suicide

libri aut liberi

Nature study of readers, 20% use Ritalin

burnout is the same as depression, p 220

Japanese invented jiujitsu, then brazilian Gracie family took it to the next level, then Kazushi Sakuraba took out all of them by being playful.

NASA astronauts take 40 minute naps.

Picker vs chooser (Barry Shwartz)