Visited on November 2 through November 5 (2023). Flew in from Amsterdam Schiphol. Next stop: Hiroshima.

Stated at Cargo Shinsaibashi capsule hotel. The capsules are larger than usual, about two by two meters. Can be noisy in the morning because the restroom area is near the capsules.

Second largest city in Japan, financial center. Lots of great street food like takoyaki (local specialty) and okonomiyaki.

Hometown of the "god of manga" god Osamu Tezuka.


  1. Dotonbori
  2. Amerika-Mura Triangle Park
  3. Osaka Castle park
  4. Umeda
  5. Shinsaibashi
  6. Shi-Tennoji Buddhist Temple
  7. Tsutenkaku Tower

Cool places

  1. Nintendo Osaka shop
  2. PC and Retro Bar Space Station – bar with old video-games