Stolen Focus

Stolen Focus by Johann Hari.

Author embarks on an inspiring vacation without any modern technology and then reflect on the experience through a series of interviews.

Our ability to focus directly impacts our problem solving. One fifth of road accidents happen because of distracted driving.

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi: "To have a good life, it is not enough to remove what is wrong with it, we also need a positive goal; otherwise why keep going?"

People recognize flow states as highlights of their life. We are most alive when we do something difficult.

Both focusing and mind-wandering are important, but "we're constantly skimming, in an unsatisfying whirr".

Medium is the message: Internet and TV tell you that the world is fast, books help to slow down. Reading fiction helps to develop empathy. Empathy advances helped society to end slavery, win rights for women and LGBT people.

Facebook erodes meaning of a word "friend". Chamath Palihapitaya, ex-VP of Facebook: "Kids are not allowed to use this shit". What if we consider social media a public utility? BBC is owned by government. Or mandate them to use the subscription model. Can surveillance capitalism be banned?

Lots of people think that their phones or the Facebook app are listening to them because they are shocked how well these systems can predict your behaviour.

Demand for mindful technology should become an organized movement, like feminism. Citizens fought against leaded gasoline.

Tools like Screen Time and meditation give you some control, but if you fail to follow them, people blame themselves.

France has "right to disconnect" law.